This body of work was made in Italy the summer of 2001. 86 Days is the totem marking that time. This piece is composed of 86 pieces of stone- one for every day of my stay in Europe. I was impressed with the walled hill towns of Italy, and observed the differences in the stone construction of different times. One notices the huge Etruscan blocks down low and smaller more refined blocks on top of yet another form. Notice the changing treatment of the stones as you progress up the piece to the yin/yang sphere atop the column, suggesting the passage of time and changing ways of construction. The Sentinels and Magdas are abstracted figures, more about the spirit than the body. I use a contrasting stone for the midsection to suggest the life force within us all. The Animations are all made from pieces of those midsections. I've translated the titles into English, but anima means spirit in Italian, hence Animations. Once again I've used the lamination technique to create some new stones for Tuscan Sunset and also the Sphere. I'll be showing again next year in Italy and will post to the site when new information is available.

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